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Serving the Chicagoland for the 70th Year!

3130 N Lincoln Ave

The Car Expert

specialize in hard to find parts, excellent car care advice, same day part supply, reasonable pricing. we guarantee fitment or your money back.

Quality Parts

As a traditional parts store, the only thing we do is parts and we care our name. we give quotes for the best parts that you can buy, with standard warranty. 


unlike the big box stores, we got deep roots. whether it's old time jokes or local news, we make you feel right at home - bathroom always clean, coffee on demand. 

Car Battery Just Died?

We know winter in Chicago can be tough. That's why we offer 90% battery coverage in house, always keep our stock new and charged up. We also offer battery slow charge and test, install, and even deliver batteries on regular basis. 

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We Install Wiper Blade, Battery, and Machine Service

Brake Rotor Resurface


Wheel Bearing Press


Flywheel Cut


What We Carry:

LeMay Auto Parts provides auto parts and supplies in Chicago, IL. Our company has always been in the business since 1948. We offer one of Chicagoland's largest selection of foreign and domestic parts at discounted prices. We specialize in foreign and domestic brakes, chassis, and more. We have always been a reliable distributor for quality products at affordable prices to best suit your personal or business needs.

Call for quote:

  • Drums and discs turned

  • Water pumps

  • Clutches

  • Master cylinder

  • Radiators

  • A / C

  • Heaters

  • Chassis parts

  • New body parts

  • CV axle shafts

  • Rock and pinion assemblies

  • Hoses

  • Filters

  • Distributors / Rotors

  • Emission parts

  • Starters and alternators

  • Muffler and exhaust systems

  • You name it